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STEP 1: Buy the book on Amazon on March 12th

On March 12th - Click the button below to be taken directly to the purchase page on the Amazon site.

STEP 2: Enter your order information

After you make your purchase on Amazon, they will send you an email with an order number for your purchase. This number is 17- digits long and spaced like this: 123-1234567-1234567. Just return to THIS page, and enter your name, email address and Amazon order number in the form below:

STEP 3: Get your bonus gifts!

After entering your name, email & order number; you will be immediately taken to a page containing the links to retrieve your bonus gifts! Don't worry about rushing to download them all at once. The download page will be available to you for a week AFTER the March 12th deadline.

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Bonus #1

"It's In You - How To Use Your God Given Gift To Produce Income Online"

Inside You are going to discover:
•How to identify your gift
•What product or service you have inside you
•How to step by step create your product quickly and easily
•How to package your product
•How to make your product available to the world
•How to market your product or service online

Value: $27

Kelly Cole
#1 Best Selling Author


Bonus #2

Spiritual GPS: God Promised Solutions

Just like our daily commutes life's highway is filled with winding turns, unexpected delays, breakdowns, and unfortunately accidents. We can start off in our minds envisioning a well thought out plan to get us to our desired destination only to later find that road is closed or under construction. Oftentimes our fondest shortcuts lead us into major traffic jams. It is a proven fact that we map out our lives by identifying the familiar streets marking the crossroads that we are accustom to. You may be asking where I'm going with this and all I can say is stay along for the ride and keep your mental, emotional, and spiritual seat-belts fastened.

Value: $27

Dr. Oliver T. Reid
"The Solution Coach"


Bonus #3

"Abundance Programming (Audio Training)
Biblical Affirmations"

Program Your Mind To Say What God Says and Increase Your Faith By Hearing The Word You Have Repeated To Yourself

Value: $97

Kelly Cole
#1 Best Selling Author




Bonus #4

"iDefine TV Marketing Guide 2014 [Everything You MUST Know About Marketing & Hiring a Marketing Consultant]"

  • Quick Start Methods Of Building Your Brand
  • 5 Different Types of Marketing
  • 23 Point Marketing Consultant Checklist
  • 40 Plus Marketing Resources & Tools
  • Discover The KEY to Mass Exposure!

If you have a business, product, or service that is lacking in sales and the consistent flow of customers, then you should download this guide!

Value: $47

C.F. Jackson




Bonus #5

"The Solomon Wealth Formula" Audio Training

This is an Audio Training I Produced with IDefine TV for my "Solomon Wealth Formula".

Value: $47

Kelly Cole
#1 Best Selling Author



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